Spatial Meaning by kittens in snow..

In 2009 we published the series “Spatial Meaning” containing a theoretical paper, a methodical paper and a case collection. This was our first attempt to define the field Behavioral Architecture & Design(B&AD) and has the attitude of a kitten walking in snow for the first time. We’re on the right but not very defined track.

The papers are in danish but it holds a meta analysis of the build space as a clarified concept. Is it possible to process the build space as an object og will it forver be an abstract form? We try to build a concept by relation between the human body and space, Our invention of the central perspektive and the Egyptic death cult that initiated the architecture we know today.


The early egyptian tomb could be considered as the first architectured construction

Overall we argue that the sum of our  build surruondings are much more than the collected objects in the space. And that we need to discuss the barrieres limiting the development of active surroundings.

Pretty speculative stuff….

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